The Genius List began in 2016 as a personal record of the artists Isabelle Le Normand encountered through her work as a curator. Le Normand shared photographs of each person on Instagram, soon broadening her platform to include visionary people across all industries. With a rapidly growing audience of curious minds and companies looking for potential collaborators, this diary organically developed into a more intentional humanist project taking form as an online interview magazine.

The Genius List’s magazine shares the stories behind the familiar faces seen on Instagram, connecting the dots between different fields and spaces. The scope of The Genius List is truly global, interviewing brilliant thinkers of all backgrounds - from artists to scientists to entrepreneurs. As the name suggests, The Genius List applies the candor of a list to accentuate diversity in talent. With one image and one interview, each issue links photography with biography and challenges perceived hierarchies within professional industries. The Genius List’s portraits bring awareness to the power of creative careers and promote a movement toward human collaboration.